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will eye a few records Cheap Alvin Robertson Jersey before the end of the season

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The LA Lakers’ LeBron James is slowly working his way through a laundry list of names heading into the second half of the 2020-21 NBA season. The names he would be bulldozing his way through are Hall of Famers, All-Stars and notable players in the league’s history who have accumulated stellar numbers.

For some categories like consecutive Stitched Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys games with double-digit scoring, he is adding to a record that’s already in his name.

Once the NBA All-Star break is over, the LA Lakers will resume their quest to win back-to-back titles, and LeBron James will eye a few records Cheap Alvin Robertson Jersey before the end of the season. On that note, let’s have a look at a few of them.

Eight records LeBron James could achieve this season#1 Games Played
LeBron James is currently No. 22 in the all-time Cheap Bob Lanier Jersey record for games played in the regular season with 1,301.

If he plays all 35 of the LA Lakers’ remaining matches this season, he’ll jump past six all-time greats – Elvin Hayes (1,303), Andre Miller (1,304), Buck Williams (1,307), Jamal Crawford (1,327), Moses Malone (1,329) and Gary Payton (1,335) – and move to 16th place on the all-time list.

If he sits out two or more games to rest in Cheap Gary Payton Jersey preparation for the playoffs, James will have to wait till next season to pass Payton.


#2 Minutes Played
In minutes played, LeBron James is no. 7 in the league’s history with 49,796. If he plays his average of 34.6 minutes per game this season in the LA Lakers’ next 19 games, LeBron James will pass Elvin Hayes (50,000), Jason Kidd (50,111) and Kevin Garnett (50,418) for fourth place on the all-time list.

Playing that many minutes in the team’s Cheap Moses Malone Jersey final 35 games will give the four-time MVP 51,007 minutes under his belt.

LeBron James (#23)
LeBron James (#23)
That’s a lot of mileage for LeBron James and the fact that he’s still in the MVP conversation in his 18th year is a testament to the work he puts in outside the basketball court to stay healthy.

#3: 3-pt Field Goals
LeBron James has amassed 1,961 3-pointers so far, which places him 13th in the league’s all-time list.

Should he continue to make an average of 2.4 threes per game for the next 28 games, he would move ahead of Joe Johnson (1,978), Dirk Nowitzki (1,982) and Jason Kidd (1,988) to break into the league’s top ten for most 3-point field goals made.

If he plays all 35 games of the regular Cheap Oscar Robertson Jersey season and does so with that average, LeBron James would have 2,045 career three-pointers.


But James taking over 10th place might be short-lived, as Damian Lillard (1,922) is nipping at his heels.

Lillard is averaging 4.3 threes per game this season, almost double that of the 17-time All-Star’s average. If he keeps that pace through the rest of the season, Lillard will finish with roughly 2,086 per game, more than 40 more than LeBron James’ tally.

That means LeBron James would end up 11th all-time when the season ends and would only take up tenth spot if he passes Paul Pierce (2,143) and Lillard overtakes the former Boston Celtics star as well.

#4 Free-Throws Made
LeBron James is averaging four free throws this season. He’s at No. 5 all-time with 7,548 free-throws made, which means he is within Cheap Robin Lopez Jersey striking distance of Oscar Robertson (7,694).

Robertson is ahead by 146 shots at the moment, which means James will have to knock down at a slightly higher average per game (4.2) if he wants to catch the Big O this season.

If he shoots better (LeBron James is at 69.2% this year) or he makes more free throws by going to the line more often, he could ascend to no. 3 position in the all-time list by the end of the season.


#5 Total ReboundsAndre Drummond (#0) and LeBron James (#23) battle for a first-half rebound
Andre Drummond (#0) and LeBron James (#23) battle for a first-half rebound
LeBron James is one of the best rebounding small forwards in the history of the game, which is evident in his average of 7.5 per game.

Though he is far from being among the best ever rebounders regardless of position, James has a unique opportunity to move into the top 40 and join the ranks of players who have grabbed at least 10,000 rebounds in their careers.

Right now, LeBron James has 9,694 rebounds for his career, which ranks him 43rd all-time. James (eight boards a night this season) should pass Detroit Pistons great Bob Lanier (9,698) after his first game back from the All-Star break.

Once he passes Lanier, it would get trickier because in 41st place is the Brooklyn Nets’ DeAndre Jordan, who is averaging 7.5 rebounds per game this season and has 9,713 caroms for his career.

In his last 10 games, Jordan is board-cleaning at the rate of 9.3 per contest. If he continues at that rate, LeBron James won’t be able to catch him until next season.

Nevertheless, the most thrilling part of LeBron James’ rebounding pursuit is the opportunity to join the 10,000 rebound club by the end of the season. James is 306 rebounds shy of accomplishing the feat but has some heavy lifting to do.

To be more precise, LeBron James will need to up his rebounding average to 8.8 or more in the remaining LA Lakers games to move into the 10K club. But with James preparing for the playoffs, there’s a chance that he may pass this up and wait till next season to reach the milestone.


#6 Assists
Last year, LeBron James earned his first assists crown with a 10.2 average. He’s not piling up that many assists per game this year, but he’s still dishing out to teammates at the rate of 7.8 per game.

With 9,626 assists to his name, LeBron James is eighth on the all-time list and breathing down the neck of Oscar Robertson (9,887) once again.

LeBron James needs 262 assists to take over Robertson at no. 7. Since he’s at 7.8 assists per contest this season, the 6′ 9″ forward from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School merely needs to play 34 games to reach that goal. When the season ends, he could have as many as 9,899 total career assists.

#7 Steals

Averaging 1.1 steals per game this season, LeBron James (2,056 all time) is set to run past Mookie Blaylock (2,075) and Karl Malone (2,085) in the career steals category after 28 games.

After surpassing them, the LA Lakers forward would roughly finish with 2,095 for his career and occupy the No. 11 position on the all-time list by the end of the season.

LeBron James will have to wait until next season, however, to overtake former San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks star Alvin Robertson who is in 10th place with a total of 2,112 steals.

#8 Blocks
The blocks category is one where LeBron James is not among the best ever, but he has a chance to break into the top 100.

Averaging 0.6 blocks a game during this campaign, James (103rd in the all-time list with 979 blocks to his name) has an opportunity to register exactly 1,000 swats all-time and break into the top 100 at no. 99.

If he does that, LeBron James will leapfrog Bobby Jones (982), John Salley (983), Mike Gminski (989) and Chris Andersen (991). The Washington Wizards’ Robin Lopez (no. 98 with 993 blocks) is still very much active and could likely continue to move up the ladder, too.

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If you’ve watched PBA games live at the different arenas, you may have seen him a few times. It’s hard to miss someone so imposing, a towering presence to whom only Greg Slaughter comes close. He is usually seen wearing the TNT blue nowadays as an assistant coach to Bong Ravena and Mark Dickel, but pre-game, he is often in sports attire working with the frontcourt players of the team, helping them get warmed up for the game at hand.

If you did not know him at first, you’d surely ask, “Who is that guy?”, and if anyone around you knows, he would tell you, “That’s Alton Lister. He used to play in the NBA.”

Curious, you’ll probably research on the man and find out that he did indeed play in the NBA and that he was just not a passing fancy – he is a 17-year NBA veteran who played for five different teams, and his teams made the playoffs in eleven seasons. His statistics overall were not outstanding, although he did average about six points, six rebounds, and one and a half blocks for his career as a defensive presence who protected the paint, shooting over 50% from the field and about 60% from the line.

With the high interest of Filipino basketball fans in the NBA, it seems crazy that not much ado is made about Coach Alton’s presence here, especially considering that he was able to play on some of the top contenders in NBA history, successful franchises (Bucks, Sonics, Warriors, Celtics, and Blazers), with some of the best players in league history, under some top-caliber coaches. On experience and stories alone, his collection should be worth a gazillion.

In anticipation of the resumption of the NBA season in the Florida bubble very soon, we spoke with Coach Alton about his time in what most still consider the top basketball league in the world.


PBA imports who have won an NBA championship
Favorite coach

Without a doubt, he chose his first NBA coach, Hall of Famer Don Nelson. “Don Nelson was my favorite coach and definitely made an impact on me as a person and in my NBA career. He drafted me initially with the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round (21st overall out of Arizona State in 1981).” Five years later, Nelson traded Lister to the Seattle Supersonics in exchange for Cheap Jack Sikma Jersey, but when he became head coach of the Golden State Warriors, they were reunited in 1989 as Nelson traded a first-round pick to Seattle for Lister. “He (Nelson) was instrumental in both my personal and professional transition from college to the NBA. Don coached me 10 years out of my 17 in my NBA career.”

Talented teammates

In a lengthy career on some tough teams that played deep into the playoffs, Lister had many talented teammates. We asked him who is best (most talented) teammate was and who his favorite (he loved playing with them) teammates were. “My best teammate with the most talent,” he said, “was Cheap Bob Lanier Jersey,” his fellow center on the Bucks. Lanier, also a Hall of Famer like Nelson, was Lister’s mentor and “groomed me for the position of center as he would soon be retiring and I would become his heir apparent. He instilled in me the [idea] that few positions on the basketball court are as pivotal as the center position.” Lanier, a bulky center from St. Bonaventure, went to work every night despite bad knees from a long career that started with the Detroit Pistons, with whom he played for ten years before moving to Milwaukee and mentoring Lister.

Coach Alton then named an impressive bunch of players that helped enhance his career as his teammates. “My favorite teammates that I enjoyed playing with, but who were also very talented players, were Cheap Marques Johnson Jersey, Cheap Sidney Moncrief Jersey, and Cheap Paul Pressey Jersey (Bucks); Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, and Mitch Richmond (Warriors); Rick Fox (Boston); and Jermaine O’Neal, Arvydas Sabonis, and Rasheed Wallace (Portland), just to name a few.” Four players on this list – Moncrief, Mullin, Richmond, and Sabonis – are Hall of Famers.

Lister recalled that during his era, especially in the earlier part of his career, some of the best teams were in the East. “Although we didn’t have a clear-cut rivalry, our nemeses were always the Celtics and the 76ers. Even though we had future Hall of Famers Bob Lanier and Sidney Moncrief, and great matchups with some of the greatest players in the history of the game, we were on the losing end.” Lister played in an era when the Bucks were so good, but the Celtics or Sixers just seemed to be a notch better. “During my tenure with the Bucks, our team won the Central Division all five years and went on to the Eastern Conference Finals three out of five years, but lost to Boston or the 76ers!” he recalled. Lister was part of a trio of seven-footers on the Bucks’ frontline, with Cheap Randy Breuer Jersey and Cheap Paul Mokeski Jersey.

That Shawn Kemp dunk

While he was with the Warriors, in Game 4 of a 1992 playoff series against the Supersonics, Lister was on the receiving end of a thunderous dunk completed by Seattle forward Shawn Kemp. Recalling what happened, Lister said, “Kemp had the reputation as one of the best in-game dunkers in the history of the game and I just happened to be one of the recipients. My job as a rim-protector would always have players challenging me every night and, unfortunately, one of his monstrous dunks came at [my expense].” Coach Alton, though, recalls that he and Kemp had been going at it throughout the series such that Kemp’s dunk, in his opinion, was a form of “revenge.” “In Game 2 of the series, I did a good job of defending him and throwing him off his game. Kemp eventually lost his temper and punches were thrown. Kemp and I each received a technical foul and a $10K fine.”

Lister continued, “During my era I did not back down as a rim protector. I was challenged by a lot of players and sometimes I was successful and other times, not. But Game 4 was a whole different story. Kemp made sure he was going to have a good game, and that’s what he did. It was personal for him. That’s why he pointed at me after the dunk.” The sequence still gets airtime on highlight reels until today – a fact that Coach Alton is well aware of. “Over the years, it has gained more momentum and has become one of the top in-game dunks in the history of the game. If that dunk happened when social media was around, who knows the interaction it would have gotten from people!”

His secret to a long career

We asked Coach Alton what the secret was to his NBA longevity. He stated the obvious, which is physical fitness, but he went a step further. “Physical fitness is not my sole basis of being healthy; being healthy for me means being mentally and emotionally fit. Being healthy is a part of my overall lifestyle. I believe my maintaining a healthy lifestyle allowed me to last 17 seasons in the NBA. Physical discipline with my body, eating healthy, a positive attitude to be in the best shape of my life continues today.” In addition, Lister feels he was “a constant professional. I was a great team-first player that fit in. [I] maximized my roll and was all about winning – good in the locker room and every night I played hard.”

He has carried the same mentality in his post-NBA life. “I have worked with upcoming, gifted young athletes, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle on and off the court.” However, he sees that the game has changed so much since his playing days. “The game was different – big men had a major impact in the game [before]. In today’s game it is not as important to have a guy that only plays with his back to the basket as a scorer. [Centers now have] more versatility, with multiple skills sets [like] three-point shooting, ball-handling, and being able to rebound, push it, and make plays. The direction the game is moving toward now is ‘position less’, with emphasis on the three-point shot. I hope that the game of basketball will go back to the traditional center. A solution may be to extend the three-point line farther out so that all five players are now involved in the offensive aspect of the game.”

Coaching in the Philippines

So how did Coach Alton end up coaching in the Philippines anyway? He had dabbled in some coaching at a community college in Arizona and served as an Assistant Coach with the Atlanta Hawks for two years, when, after his contract expired in 2009, his friend Paul Howard, an Assistant Coach from his alma mater, Arizona State, contacted him. Howard had some connections with the PBA, and he recommended Lister to the San Miguel Beermen, as, naturally, a big man coach. He spent four years with the team.

When his contract expired, he returned to Southern California, where he was able to work for different entities in varying capacities, including San Diego University of Integrated Studies as Director of Pro Players transitioning to continuing their education, with former Boston and Clippers coach Don Casey on various basketball initiatives and non-profit organizations, training camps with former NBA players like Chris Dudley, one-on-one training of young boys and girls in the San Diego area (one of which was former NBA player Michael Cage’s son), and for the City of Chulavista during the transition of the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center from the U.S. Olympic Committee to the City.

Lister had been residing for a couple of years in San Diego, when in 2016, he received another call from Howard, who informed that there was a coaching position open with Talk ‘N Text of the PBA, now called TNT, particularly to help manage and work with import Ivan Johnson as a skills coach. Even after Johnson’s stint, Lister stayed on to continue working with the frontcourt players of the team. Last season, when TNT hired Dickel as a consultant to Coach Ravena, management appointed Lister as an assistant coach. While Coach Alton has been in that position, the team has gone to the Finals once (2019 Commissioner’s Cup), and he feels that the team “is going in the right direction now.”

Unfortunately, the current pandemic has put everything on hold and TNT has yet to test its line-up in the PBA’s 45th season. Hopefully, PBA games will return soon, with all possible safeguards and protocols in place. Meantime, the NBA looks to resume its season in a few days. Surely, Coach Cheap Alton Lister Jersey will be observing the goings-on over there as well, in the league where, for 17 years, he shared the hardcourt with superstars and icons and held his own.